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Oliver Twist, Mollie and Pinocchio II are new musicals from CenterStage Press

**AVAILABILITY: Many of our shows are currently being revised and are not available for production. Please see each show's royalty info page for current availability. Or click here to send us an inquiry about a specific show.

PURCHASE ORDERS: If you are using a purchase order number instead of payment at the time of order you must order by fax, or email (see instructions below).

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: All international orders require special handling and postage.  Please CLICK HERE to send us an email specifiying your exact postal address and we will send you pricing information asap. 


Scripts: $6.00 USD each, and include all dialogue and the complete vocal score.

Vocal Demo CDs: $6.00 USD each, and include all the vocal numbers in the show.

Performance Royalties: $50.00 USD per performance.

Music Only CDs are rented and are included in the performance royalty fee, all other materials are purchased at the prices above.

PLEASE NOTE: It is illegal to make copies of our materials. You may not copy any scripts, tapes or CDs, or any portions of these. All our materials are protected by copyright and must be purchased or licensed. Of course your cast and crew may share the same copy of a script, tape or CD but they may not make any copies, even for their personal use.

Sorry, at this time we do not take any orders by phone.

All Contents of this Website are Copyright © CenterStage Press, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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