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Oliver Twist by Mike Lancy and Chuck Lakin and Mollie and the Bookworm by Mike LancyCenterStage Press recorded music backing tracks
Pinocchio II by Mike Lancy
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With a musical and CD preformance tracks from CenterStage Press:

  • Rehearsals will go faster and smoother.
  • Dress Rehearsals won't include any problems with the band.
  • You perfectly control the volume and the 'mix' at all times.
New Idea

Now you can use the orchestra from
auditions thru performances!

Use the Vocal Demo to help teach your performers the musical numbers and your Choreographer can use it in their early rehearsals before the cast is ready to sing full out. The CDs are easy to cue, rewind and fast-forward so there's no waiting. Singers who can't read music can learn the songs with the aid of the Vocal Demo which basically eliminates the need for a rehearsal accompanist, and EVERY SCRIPT includes the complete vocal score so every cast member has their own copy for all rehearsals.

Our vocal demos are so inexpensively priced, you could order one for every cast member!

After the cast has learned the songs, switch over to using the Music Only CD and watch their confidence grow as the orchestra never makes a mistake, changes tempo or skips a beat.

You can now change the key of any song using a third-party software. Click Here to to watch our CenterStage Press YouTube video and learn more.

For schools, it means being able to do musicals in fewer rehearsals and without burdening the band department. For community theater groups, it means not needing to hire expensive or inexperienced musicians. AND THE MUSIC SOUNDS GREAT! All our shows feature professional musicians recorded in professional recording studios.

And your audiences will be impressed with the beautiful, full-stereo sound which can be perfectly adjusted to 'mix' perfectly with your onstage voices. You'll never have to worry about the band overpowering the singers again--you control the volume of the orchestra with a turn of the knob.

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