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Camp Musical, the new family musical by Mike Lancy

Our Newest Show!

CenterStage Press proudly announces our newest family musical play, CAMP MUSICAL. Like all of our shows, CAMP MUSICAL is easy to produce and features fun musical numbers, an uplifting story, cool characters, and a fully-orchestrated performance CD.

CAST: 5 males (10 possible) 10 females (more girls can be added, for camp chorus).

PRODUCTION: 2 settings, plus props for vignettes.

PLAY SCRIPTS: Each Camp Musical script includes the complete vocal score.

VOCAL DEMO CD: The Camp Musical Vocal Demo includes all the songs in the show. You can listen to some mp3 samples from the CD by clicking the link below.

9 Musical Numbers.

HERE'S A BRIEF SYNOPSIS: It's 1961, and for the very first time in its 50 year all-girl history, CAMP TALL TIMBERS is turning co-ed. Only a few boys have been 'recruited' to attend, and Miss Kirkle, the long-time camp director, and her stalwart assistant 'Krock' assure the girls (and themselves) that all the boys will be 'perfect gentlemen' -- NO WAY!

When the boys finally show up (their bus broke down on the way up the mountain and they had to push it through the mud) they appear to be a bunch of 'menaces to society' and most of the girls are ready to revolt. For some strange reason the boys all speak with British accents -- and you'll never guess where they came from!

But, as the days pass, feelings change, the rough edges get smoothed out (for the most part) and by the last day of camp -- no one wants to say goodbye.

This show has some wonderful music, including an unforgettable stage ballad, "By This Tree" and the toe-tapping, audience rousing, "Camp Musical!"

NEW: Preview Scene 1 of the Show. Just click the red link to read a special web-only preview of the first scene of the show.

NEW: Preview Some of the Musical Numbers. Just click on the previous red link to hear a few of the musical numbers from the show. 

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