Going Up is the new musical about teens making it in Show Biz, by Michael Lancy.
Going Up!

Eight young actors and actresses get stuck together over lunch hour at a movie audition in L.A.-- a comedian, an air-head, a cowboy, a snob, a song and dance man, a nervous first-timer, a sincere kid with parent problems. While they're waiting they share some thoughts, dreams, frustrations, and fears about their lives in show-business. A fun-filled and at times poignant look into what it takes to 'make it' as a young performer. Other colorful characters include a mixed bag of whacko directors, fairy-tale characters, stage parents, nervous auditionees, and a host of others. The music features a terrific mix of modern rock tempos, character numbers and some inspirational ballads. A sure fire hit!

There is a now a new Performance Music CD for Going Up!

CAST: 12 females, 5 males, 10 m/f, plus flexible chorus

PRODUCTION: 1 Act. Continuous scenes on an empty stage & single suggestive set.

PLAY SCRIPTS: Each Going Up script includes the complete vocal score.

VOCAL DEMO CD: The Vocal Demo includes all the songs in the show. You can listen to some mp3 samples from the CD by clicking the link below.

16 Musical Numbers

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