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Michael and the Pied Piper is a new family musical play, by Mike Lancy.
Michael & The Pied Piper

Abounding with good fun, clever dialogue and outstanding musical numbers, this adaptation of the old Pied Piper of Hamelin legend is sure to win the hearts of both casts and audiences alike. The story centers around Michael, the disabled son of Hamlin's scheming Mayor, and the role he and the other town children play when they join forces with the mysterious Piper in ridding the village of rats. Other fun characters include the Mayor's bumbling cabinet, a pack of village spinsters, and a likeable maid. A surprise ending keeps the audience on the edge of their seats!!

CAST: 6 males, 6 females, 7 m/f plus ladies and town kids

PRODUCTION: 1 Act. 1 set of fixed platforms with decorations to suggest each locale: the mayor's house, Michael's room, a street in Hamlin, the town square, and a place in the hills near Hamlin.

PLAY SCRIPTS: Each Michael and the Pied Piper script includes the complete vocal score.

VOCAL DEMO CD: The Vocal Demo includes all the songs in the show. You can listen to some mp3 samples from the CD by clicking the link below.

9 Musical Numbers

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