The Five Rings is a new musical about young Olympic athletes, by Mike Lancy.
The Five Rings

Here's an exhilarating look into the lives of young Olympic hopefuls as they attend a summer training camp high in the California Sierras. Diane Klein, a young reporter (she hates jocks) is assigned to do a story about the camp and it's handsome director, Bill Evans (who hates reporters). Mix in some colorful characters like Noodles, the cook, Ma, the cranky caretaker, Andrea, the young swimmer who looks too much like a boy, and Diane's cosmic photographer, Burnout, and THE FIVE RINGS becomes a perfect combination of beautiful music, comedy, and food for thought. This is one of our most popular full-length shows!

CAST: 6 males, 15 females, 15 m/f with flexible chorus

PRODUCTION: 2 acts, 6 scenes & 5 crossovers, (full-length show) One set.

PLAY SCRIPTS: Each Five Rings script includes the complete vocal score.

VOCAL DEMO CD: The Vocal Demo includes all the songs in the show. You can listen to some mp3 samples from the CD by clicking the link below.

20 Musical Numbers

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