Cindi is a modern musical version of Cinderella written by Mike Lancy and Chuck Lakin.

Cinderella is the real name of a young "roadie" for an all-girl rock group called SIS, newly arrived in Los Angeles to compete in a song festival. Cindi's own dreams of creating music are always shot down by SIS and her attentions toward the handsome judge of the festival ( a real Prince!) go without notice...UNTIL her very real Fairy Godmother, Ethel, steps in. Add in a dishonest record producer, and a wild collection of other musical groups (from Orphan choirs to punk rockers) and you have the perfect recipe for fantasy, fun and great music.

CAST: 6 female, 2 male, 25 f/m (fewer possible with doubling).

PRODUCTION: 1 Act, 7 scenes and a prologue in limbo. All action takes place in present day Los Angeles, on sets representing: a hotel lobby, a recording studio, and a concert stage: both backstage and on stage. Only those set pieces and props necessary for the action are mentioned in the script- any additional detail is limited only by imagination and budget..

PLAY SCRIPTS: Each Cindi/Cinderella script includes the complete vocal score.

VOCAL DEMO CD: The Vocal Demo includes all the songs in the show. You can listen to some mp3 samples from the CD by clicking the link below.

14 Musical Numbers

Cindi Cinderella Royalty & Performance Information

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